Always handy, ASPIVENIN® pump allows for a wait for the indispensable intervention of a doctor in serious cases (allergies or dangerous agressions).

ASPIVENIN® pump in 4 steps :



Gently place the nozzle best-fitted to the type and location of the sting or bite, then arm the pump by pulling out the piston all the way (half for children).




With one hand, place ASPIVENIN® pump with its nozzle on the skin.



Fully depress the piston and you feel a powerful suction. Let ASPIVENIN® pump act 20 sec to 3 minutes (Adjust the suction time according to the stings or bites : see the instructions for use.) .



Then lift the piston button with the tip of the thumb to remove ASPIVENIN® pump.
Start again from step 2 if the pain has not disappeared.
We suggest you handle Aspivenin® several times with recommended instructions before use. We also advise you to keep your Aspivenin® within reach if you are in an environment at risk.


Duration of application :

The duration of application varies according to cases : for mosquito or fly stings, 20 to 30 seconds may be sufficient. For bee, wasp or horsefly, it is recommended to apply ASPIVENIN® pump for 1 to 3 minutes before cleaning the wound with an anti-septic.
Be careful : for bee stings, do not remove the sting before aspirating as its presence facilitates the extraction of venom. Remove it later.

For bites of a spider ou a scorpion, in order to avoid the inevitable coagulation of the wound, apply ASPIVENIN® pump for 1 to 2 minutes before cleaning the wound with an anti-septic.

For more serious stings, like that of a stone-fish, it is necessary to apply ASPIVENIN® during 2 to 3 minutes. Do not forget to regularly clean the wound with a disinfectant, and to wait for some rapid and indispensable medical care.