The wasp

Wasps are members of the hymenoptera order.They are recognizable by their narrow waist and their black and yellow stripes. They’re omnivorous. They’re the most aggressive of hymenopterae, particularly in autumn when food is scarce.

Their nests can be underground or stuck in trees, attics or roofs. There can be as many as 10000 individuals in a nest. The queen lives for about a year and the drones just a few weeks.

Like the bee, the venomous device is an ovipositor, an organ which deposits eggs. Transformed into a sting with venom glands, it serves to paralyze prey or for self-defence.

Wasps and hornets are responsible for the largest number of accidents in Europe. While the hornet is not very aggressive, it is nevertheless very dangerous, since its sting can inject venom directly into blood vessels.

Emergency measures

ASPIVENIN® is very effective against invenomization from insect stings, which does not in any case exclude recourse to medical care as soon as possible for serious cases.