The ant

The ant is part of the hymenoptera family.

It is perhaps the most commonly-found animal form on the planet. Nothing can stop it, neither arid deserts or mountains… They can even be found in the polar regions.

The ant species live mainly in societies. They have several kinds of individuals: two female castes, the workers and the reproducers, and a male caste. Workers are the most plentiful.

Females have a complete, mostly defensive venomous device. In Europe, even multiple bites are rarely dangerous, but they are irritating and frankly unpleasant. Some tropical species can cause strong or even serious reactions, for example the fire ant which bites and then sprays its venom onto the wounds it makes.

Emergency measures

The ASPIVENIN® pump, field-tested in collaboration with Pharmacists Without Borders in the Ecuadorian Amazon showed its usefulness with a satisfaction rate of 97% amongst the Shuar-Ashuar people, be it with giant ants, scorpions, tarantulas or even snakes.

The use of ASPIVENIN® doesn’t exclude recourse to medical care as soon as possible for serious cases.