The mosquito

The mosquito is an arthropod from the Diptera (mosquitoes and flies) order.

Diptera are among the most feared insects in the world because of their role as an agent for many diseases: malaria, yellow fever, dengue, chikungunya…

The mosquito, or culicidae, is part of a group of insects having sucking mouth elements, of which certain components are long and form a sucking and expelling proboscis.

To feed itself there is first penetration into the feeding matter, followed by an injection of saliva and finally the sucking out of liquid, in this case blood: the mosquito is a blood drinker. What creates the very unpleasant itching is not strictly-speaking venom but a substance in its saliva which serves to maintain the fluidity of the blood, a sort of lubricant. It’s always the female which bites, in order to ensure the development of its eggs. The male is mainly floricultural and hardly feeds.

Mosquitoes are attracted by dark colours, humid warmth, sweat and warm, tanned skin.

Emergency measures

ASPIVENIN® even when used a good while after the bite (one is rarely aware of being bitten), considerably relieves itching.