The spider

Spiders are part of the Arachnid class and are found in all of the inhabited world. 40,000 species are listed in the world’s fauna.

Every spider is venomous, but a very small number of species are really dangerous.

They mostly live near the ground, in holes, under rocks or in holes in trees, while some like river banks and even the sea.

Most are solitary, but some live in communities. They build collective webs where many individuals live. It should be noted that they are all carnivorous.

Spiders bite… the complexity of their venom is like that of snakes. Generally speaking, the inoculation of their venom causes a painful inflammatory reaction. There are obviously many other more or less serious complex and varied symptoms.

Species having a very toxic venom are Araneomorphs and Mygalomorphs, known as tarantulas. The most serious accidents are from the Australian genus Atrax, or the South American Trechona.

Emergency measures

After a bite, ASPIVENIN® is a good reflex to relieve pain and reduce stress and fear.

The use of ASPIVENIN® doesn’t exclude recourse to medical care as soon as possible for serious cases.